Just… no

“Mom, what do people look like when they’re about to kiss each other?”

“Well, like this,” and then I plant one on him.

“NO. I mean, when they’re about to kiss each other.”

“Oh, you mean like romantically?”


“I don’t know. They just look at each other kind of googly-eyed.”

“Show me.”

“Um. No.”

“Oh, come on. Just show me.”

“Um. No. You’re my kid. Can’t do it.”

“Is it like this?” (Does his best pouty lips and rakish eyebrow waggle. I crack up.)

“Yeah, something like that. You might want to tone it down a little if you’re really going to use it, though.” 


    • Elizabeth GM

      That’s a fantastic idea. He’s already seen it a few times, but if I told him he had more to learn from “the kissing book,” he’d get the point, I think.

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