Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and I love my son, Liam. But this blog is only sometimes going to be about love. And you’d certainly be hard-pressed to find me spouting Blissed-Out Mama Love.

No, I find being a mom really hard. Perhaps you do, too. Or perhaps it amuses you to watch someone in different circumstances from yours squirm like a bug. In either case, welcome.

If two or more of the following apply to you, you will almost certainly not like this blog, and you should probably just move along:

  • You think the experience of parenthood has been nothing but sheer joy since you first found out about that little parasite growing inside your / your sweetie’s uterus.
  • You are an evangelical anything.
  • You are homophobic.
  • You think boys will be boys and girls will be princesses and that’s just that.
  • You don’t like swears.

If you’re a family member and more than two of these things apply to you, you can stay, but you need to pipe down.



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